Dabbing is evolving quickly, and it sounds like every day there is an instrument, technique and technology. Its rapid evolution can be a lot to keep up with, and if you are like me, you probably switch up the way you dab based on what the situation requires, and how much you are willing to spend on your own dab set-up. When and is visited by a buddy Wants to interact over rosin, my tastes are different than when I want to have everything setup and ready for me to unwind and get home. When I’m dabbing on the move, I want a rig that is efficient and mobile while providing the dabbing experience. After evaluations and many trials, I have nailed my favorite ways to dab and the tools required to get the most out.

Daily Rigs for Routine Dabbing

The driver is the Go-to piece it needs to be easy to clean, sturdy, and functional. The trick to this setup for me is that the electric nail, ore-nail. Use the mini nail since it is small, provides precise temperature control, and does not require using a torch. When I wish to dab or move one to a 17, it is always ready and hot. This is one of the alternatives that are less expensive, but bear in mind, it is less than mobile, and better for everyday usage.

Glass Bong

Quartz Buckets for the Dab Connoisseur

A setup like this is for getting the smoothest Fantastic. When it comes to taste, I favor quartz buckets called bangers since they do not interfere with the natural terpene profile of the saps and shatters I dab. The one disadvantage to this Installation is that it uses a flashlight. I have discovered the cable attachments may cause some chaos while there are a number of attachments that will enable you to use an electric nail with your quartz bucket. So I stick with my STOK R-Series double-barrel flashlight. It is two barrels which help heat the bucket evenly and quickly.

E-Rigs for the Dabber on the Go

Fortunately, new technologies marry the portability of focus pens with the capacities of standard Worldofglasspipes. The effect is e-rigs, or oil rigs. I use the Boost from Dr. Dabber since it features the portable performance that I am searching for. In about 30 seconds, the nail is ready and hot with just a couple of clicks of the power button, and the battery lasts until it has to be recharged, 40 to 50 days. The shortcoming of E-rigs currently in the marketplace is the size of the vapor chambers and the nails, which make it difficult to take over a dab. It is a Tradeoff that was Comprehensible given the freedom of e-rigs, and I hope this feature to evolve as the technology improves.